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Accelerating the global transition to a Sustainable Food System





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About the Company

Blue Horizon

Blue Horizon: Investing in a Sustainable Future of Food

Cultivating a Positive Impact Through Alternative Proteins and Innovation

Blue Horizon is a venture capital firm on a mission to transform the global food system towards a more sustainable future. They achieve this by strategically investing in innovative companies developing alternative proteins, implementing improved farming practices, and creating sustainable packaging solutions.

Investing Across the Food System Spectrum

Blue Horizon recognizes the need for a multifaceted approach to achieving food system sustainability. Their investment portfolio spans companies at various development stages, from early-stage startups to established ventures. This holistic strategy fosters a comprehensive and impactful approach to tackling the challenges within the food industry.

Core Investment Focus Areas

  • Alternative Proteins: Blue Horizon champions companies pioneering alternative protein sources, such as plant-based meat and cultivated meat, to reduce reliance on conventional meat production's environmental footprint.

  • Sustainable Farming Practices: They invest in businesses developing and promoting regenerative agriculture techniques and other advancements that minimize environmental impact and promote resource conservation.

  • Sustainable Packaging Solutions: Blue Horizon recognizes the importance of sustainable packaging throughout the food supply chain. They support companies creating eco-friendly packaging solutions to minimize waste and pollution.

Aligning Profitability with Positive Impact

Blue Horizon operates under the belief that financial success and environmental responsibility are not mutually exclusive. By investing in sustainable food system solutions, they aim to generate positive returns for their investors while contributing to a healthier planet for future generations.

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Blue Horizon Corporation Ltd

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