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A global provider of independent, investment research insights, solutions and tools.





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About the Company

Ned Davis Research

Investment Research and Solutions for a Globalized World

NDR (Ned Davis Research) is a global provider of independent investment research, solutions, and tools. Founded in 1980, NDR caters to a worldwide clientele, empowering them with objective insights to make informed investment decisions.

NDR's Approach: A Fusion of Disciplines

NDR's investment philosophy hinges on a unique blend of fundamental and technical analysis.  They believe that understanding both the "whys" and the "hows" of the market is essential for successful investing.  Fundamental analysis delves into factors influencing companies' and markets' intrinsic value, while technical analysis explores market trends and historical data to identify potential entry and exit points.  By combining these disciplines, NDR aims to offer a comprehensive view of the investment landscape.

Investment Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

NDR offers a range of investment solutions catering to diverse financial needs and experience levels.

  • Individual Investors: Gain access to complimentary investment summaries, communication resources, and model portfolios to guide your investment journey.

  • Small-to-Mid Size Advisors: Leverage market insights, select indicators, and reports covering economic and investment strategies to enhance your client service.

  • Institutional Investors: Benefit from NDR's customized research solutions, leveraging quantitative analysis and models to achieve your investment goals.

Commitment to Global Investment Opportunities

NDR's research and investment strategies extend beyond geographical borders.  They offer analysis and selection tools for a global stock and ETF market, enabling you to tap into diverse investment opportunities worldwide.

Get in touch

Ned Davis Research, Inc., ("NDR")

We appreciate your interest and invite you to connect with them. If you have questions, feedback, or are interested in exploring business possibilities, don't hesitate to get in touch.

If you're a FinXcentral member, you can also contact us and we'll do our best to make an introduction.

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