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About the Company


Relai: Buy Bitcoin Instantly and Simply - Your Keys, Your Coins

Relai is a Swiss-born app designed to make buying Bitcoin effortless for everyone in Europe.  They prioritize user-friendliness and empower individuals to take control of their financial future with Bitcoin.

Hassle-Free Bitcoin Purchases:

Forget complex registration processes and lengthy verification steps. Relai allows you to buy Bitcoin with just a few clicks, using a variety of payment methods like bank transfers, credit cards, debit cards, Apple Pay, or Google Pay. Whether you're a seasoned Bitcoin investor or a curious newcomer, Relai makes the buying process smooth and accessible.

Invest Your Way:

Relai caters to both one-time buyers and long-term investors. Need some Bitcoin quickly? Purchase it instantly through the app. Looking to build your Bitcoin holdings steadily over time? Set up a convenient weekly or monthly auto-invest plan with a minimum investment as low as €10/CHF.

Own Your Bitcoin:

Security and control are paramount at Relai. Unlike some exchanges, Relai provides a non-custodial Bitcoin wallet. This means you, and only you, hold the private keys to your Bitcoin, granting complete control over your investment.

Lightning Network Integration:

For those familiar with the Lightning Network, Relai offers an additional perk – a built-in Lightning wallet. This enables near-instantaneous and ultra-cheap Bitcoin transactions, perfect for everyday use.

Get in touch

Relai AG

We appreciate your interest and invite you to connect with them. If you have questions, feedback, or are interested in exploring business possibilities, don't hesitate to get in touch.

If you're a FinXcentral member, you can also contact us and we'll do our best to make an introduction.

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