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About the Company

Venture Kick

Venture Kick: Fueling Innovation and Growth for Swiss Startups

Venture Kick is a renowned philanthropic initiative designed to empower aspiring Swiss entrepreneurs. By providing crucial funding and mentorship, Venture Kick fosters a thriving startup ecosystem in Switzerland.

Empowering Innovation

Venture Kick recognizes the transformative potential of groundbreaking ideas. The program offers financial support of up to CHF 150,000 to promising startups, enabling them to translate their visions into reality. This vital funding allows ventures to overcome initial hurdles and propel their growth trajectories.

Expert Guidance

Venture Kick goes beyond mere financial backing. The program provides startups with access to a distinguished network of experienced mentors. These industry veterans offer invaluable guidance, helping young entrepreneurs navigate the complexities of the startup landscape. By sharing their expertise and insights, mentors equip ventures with the tools and strategies necessary to thrive.

A Launchpad for Success

Venture Kick has played a pivotal role in nurturing a dynamic startup ecosystem within Switzerland. Numerous successful Swiss startups credit Venture Kick's support for their achievements. The program's commitment to fostering innovation and providing mentorship has empowered countless entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into flourishing businesses.

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