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Financial Cloud Summit

Financial Cloud Summit by Finextra

Cloud is no longer a nice-to-have.
Cloud is a must-have technology that is at the crux of operations across the financial services industry.

Over the last few years, banks, fintech firms and technology providers have established a holistic strategy, migrated to cloud, and optimised their omnichannel services. The foundation is now in place.

Gone are the days of resistance and hesitance to cloud: in order to succeed, every company handling core business-critical workloads across payments, clearing and settlement must utilise cloud today.

Today, organisations must place impetus on strategising with their multiple cloud providers, system integrators and technology providers to offer the best experience to their customers; migrating infrastructures to platforms where financial firms can align on speed, agility, and innovation; and optimising cloud platforms to empower brands to create intelligent, revenue-generating products.

The Financial Cloud Summit will help decision makers across the banking, payments and fintech sectors to bridge the cloud strategy, migration and optimisation gap, offering actionable solutions to speed up their journey.

Event date and time:

07/03/24, 07:30

Event location:

Kings Place Music Foundation, York Way, London, UK

More information:

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