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Swiss Capital Market Forum

Swiss ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENTS 2024 – Venture Capital – Overview & Investment Opportunities

Conference with Apéro Riche im Zunfthaus zur Meisen, Münsterhof 20, 8001 Zurich, Switzerland


The ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENTS: VENTURE CAPITAL event is a unique opportunity for investors to deepen their understanding, expand their network, explore international trends, evaluate startups, and make informed investment decisions in this dynamic asset class. Firstly, it offers investors valuable insights into venture capital as an alternative investment avenue, covering trends, strategies, and the potential for high yields. Secondly, the event facilitates networking opportunities, enabling investors to connect with industry experts, successful entrepreneurs, and fellow investors, leading to potential collaborations and access to a wider network of investment opportunities. The event’s focus on international venture capital trends allows investors to diversify their portfolios and capitalize on lucrative prospects beyond their local markets. Moreover, the startup pitch session provides a direct platform for investors to evaluate and potentially invest in promising early-stage companies, fostering innovation and growth. The event’s cooperation with SECA ensures high-quality content, reputable speakers, and adherence to industry standards. 


✔ A keynote speech on insights into global venture capital and corporate venture capital, highlighting current trends and opportunities

✔ Seasoned professionals in the field share their experiences and lessons  learned in venture capital, providing valuable guidance for the next generation of investors

✔ Exploration of investment opportunities in the healthcare sector unveils potential avenues for venture capital investments, shedding light on the growing potential in this industry

✔ An overview of the Swiss venture capital landscape reveals key insights, players, and trends, offering attendees a comprehensive understanding of the local market and potential investment opportunities

✔ Expert perspectives on international venture capital trends and investment opportunities provide a global outlook, enabling attendees to gain insights into emerging markets and potential cross-border collaborations

The conference is organised and moderated jointly by Swiss Capitalmarketforum and SECA.

Who should attend? Investors, asset managers, pension funds, family offices, banks, consultants, lawyers, tax advisors, auditors, regulators, tax officials, funds and asset managers

Event date and time:

17/04/24, 11:00

Event location:

Münsterhof 20, Zürich, Switzerland

More information:

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